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NÜD Stacks


Lean Muscle

No Pain, No Gain? - We feel that building muscle shouldn’t leave you sore and exhausted, which is why we created Lean Muscle, a combination of two NÜD Daily Essentials designed to help repair & build muscle, increase endurance, reduce joint inflammation, and boost energy & alertness—all without the jittery feeling of caffeine.*


Men’s Daily Health

Work & Play Harder - We created Men’s Daily Health with your wants and needs in mind: two NÜD daily vitamins that assist with all-day energy, heart health, muscle creation & repair, post-workout recovery, and healthy sexual function—all in one spot.*


Metabolism Boost

Essential Energy - Metabolism Boost is all about energy, including anhydrous caffeine and green tea leaf extract so you can hit the gym hard. With essential nutrients, it may also help to burn fat, build muscle, and repair connective tissue at the cellular level.*


Ultimate Beauty

Beautiful Inside & Out - Who said beauty is only skin deep? We designed this stack to help maintain vibrant hair, skin & nails as well as protect arteries, improve bone health, reduce joint tenderness, boost metabolism, and support immune function. The result? An interior that’s as vibrant and healthy as your exterior!*


Women’s Daily Health

Sharp & Shapely - We designed this stack to help women look, feel and perform their best. It’s packed with organic extracts to help boost energy & alertness, proteins to help build & maintain muscle & connective tissue, and amino acids to support your metabolism.*

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