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What’s the best supplement to help you maximize your performance during workouts and recover faster?

Many athletes have a go-to protein shake recipe, but there are so many other options out there to consider. Finding the right mix could be just the push you need to boost your exercise intensity, achieve a new strength goal, or take your endurance to the next level.

Not sure what to look for? Here are six essential ingredients you should prioritize in your pre- or post-workout supplement.

B Vitamins

Slight deficiencies in B vitamin complex are more common than you might think. Some research on the subject has shown that these nutrients break down and become depleted more easily in stressed bodies.

The National Institutes of Health says that B vitamins assist in the formation of red blood cells and make it easier for the body to get energy from food. They also regulate sleep patterns and moods and reduce inflammation.

Taking a minimum B12 dose of 2.5 micrograms per day and a minimum B6 dose of 1.3 milligrams (100 mg maximum) will help fine tune an adult’s body as they strive for the perfect workout regimen. They are equally effective when taken pre- or post-exercise.

Vitamin C

You may only think about reaching for the vitamin C when you have a cold coming on, but this valuable nutrient can be a great supplement to your workout routines as well. Vitamin C plays an important role in allowing the body to cope with stress, whether from strenuous exercise or other environmental factors.

Because its antioxidant properties help you deal with metabolic stress, vitamin C is an excellent pre- or post-exercise supplement. It even offers the added bonus of reducing your chances of wheezing or coughing before and after a workout.

Take at least 90 mg per day (75 mg recommended for women), but stay under the maximum of 2,000 mg per day for maximum effectiveness.

Tart Cherry (Powder or Juice)

Tart cherry, in powder or juice form, has an effect much like Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. It provides natural relief for chronic inflammation stemming from workout-related muscle damage.

One study revealed that tart cherry juice drinkers recovered strength faster and had less inflammation after a marathon than those given a placebo beverage.

Consider adding tart cherry to your post-workout routine for better recovery. It might help you overcome some of the post-exercise pain that can sometimes derail an otherwise effective routine.