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NÜD makes healthy living organized, individualized, and flexible by categorizing vitamins and supplements—not our customers. Our mission is to simplify nutrition while helping customers take an active role in their nutritional lives. Here’s how we do it.


Disorder Organized

Forget picking and choosing. Forget dozens of bulky, half-filled vitamin bottles cluttering your medicine cabinet. Forget forgetting to take your vitamins. NÜD’s carefully designed, goal-oriented vitamin packs make it simple to hit the ground running and maintain discipline for the long haul.

Nutrition Individualized

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach to vitamins and supplements. We believe that health and fitness goals are easier to achieve when they are reinforced on a daily basis with the right ingredients.

Regimens Customized

Forget taking (and paying for) vitamins and supplements that you don’t actually need. Our stacked-bottle concept gives you both the organization and flexibility to get exactly what you want and need without having to pay for the extras.

To learn more about the benefits of NÜD’s products, please see our FAQ page or submit your questions to info@NUDtrition.com.