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About NÜD®

NÜD is a New York-based provider of all-natural nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals designed to help maintain optimum health and support your unique lifestyle. We design carefully crafted, goal-specific daily vitamin supplements and vitamin packs fit for real people with real goals.

Quality is Key

All ingredients are of the highest quality, and all products are manufactured in the U.S. with the strictest of standards.

We put our products in boxes—not our customers. By offering multiple tiers of complexity that span vitamin-by-vitamin orders to goal-specific vitamin packs, NÜD truly offers something for everyone.




For goal-oriented customers looking to improve specific areas like sexual health, energy, digestion, muscle mass, or prenatal nutrition.


For Men and Women who want to “set it and forget it” with a comprehensive combination of Daily Essentials, Building Blocks, and Multivitamins for Performance, Fitness, or Beauty.


Forget picking and choosing. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach to vitamins and supplements. Forget paying for vitamins and supplements that you don’t actually need. NÜD has developed a unique approach to vitamins and supplements. The key ingredients? Quality. Simplicity. Flexibility. Visit our benefits page to learn more.


Our NÜD team builds comprehensive vitamin packs, but also help answer individual customer questions. If you have a question about our Company policies, our Products, a recent Order or would like to join the NÜD team, please see our FAQs or contact us at info@NÜDtrition.com.


Our Story

NÜD was founded with the goal of bringing together the best of different worlds. We’re your source for science and sophistication, natural ingredients and refinement, high-quality products and class.

We were (and still are) passionate about vitamins and supplements, but we didn’t want our medicine cabinets cluttered with bottles and having to take handfuls of capsules every day. We wanted to make the system better. We wanted our cabinets to be clean and tidy.

That’s how we developed the stacked bottle concept—where anyone and everyone can get the vitamins and minerals, all-natural supplements, and nutraceuticals they need in an organized, individualized, and flexible way.

Welcome to NÜD!